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trivum concentrates on the development and production of music, KNX and automation. For more than 10 years, trivum has been provide Smart Multiroom products that combine innovative design, sophisticated functionality and quality "Made in Germany".

The special features of all trivum products are their simplicity and flexibility coupled with the possibility of integration in KNX environments. The spectrum of possible trivum solutions ranges from individual rooms (e.g. music for the kitchen) to the complete networking of a house with music.

Thanks to this focus on core competencies, trivum achieves a unique operating concept for the user with a manageable installation effort for the installer. trivum sells its products worldwide. The Smart Multiroom products are developed and built in Germany. The product lines are consistently geared to the needs of users and installers.

The InstallerLine Line is the entry into the Multiroom segment: Perfectly tailored for electricians who want to include Multiroom in their range of services and are looking for a solution that is easy to install.

The product innovation trivum AudioBox is a Hi-Res network streaming player that can be easily expanded into a trivum Multiroom system as demand grows. The complete music system plays music from various sources, is equipped with a powerful power amplifier and thanks to the timeless design, the AudioBox fits perfectly into the living area.

The trivum AudioActuators as a central music system are designed for DIN rail mounting for the distribution cabinet and are the ideal option if a completely invisible music system is required. The audio actuators are characterised by low installation effort and simple configuration with just a few elementary inputs. Several audio actuators can be combined so that the number of zones can be extended.

Both the trivum TouchPad and the stationary control panel or the trivum App for smartphones and tablets are available for operation. This provides the user with intuitive and, above all, consistent operation of his music system. The InstallerLine also includes built-in loudspeakers that complete the range of almost invisible music systems.

For more extensive multi-room requirements, the Professional Line is a modular multi-room system available. The trivum C4 system can be individually assembled according to customer requirements and offers extended possibilities for integration in the home automation environment.

A brief overview of trivum Smart Multiroom products:

trivum AudioBox - Our Hi-Res streaming player for the living room. Stand-alone player or the start for trivum Multiroom, fully integrable into KNX.

trivum AudioActors - Complete music system for the electric cabinet. Integrated, room-spanning multi-room solution with simple KNX integration.

trivum C4 Controller - The modular multi-room system for system integrators with extended requirements.

trivum TouchPad - Convenient operation of all trivum products in a perfect design. Can also be used as a universal KNX controller.

trivum built-in loudspeakers - Powerful built-in loudspeakers for unobtrusive installation in mono or stereo.



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Founder and Managing Director

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