AudioBox P150 Pro

AudioBox P150 Pro
AudioBox P150 Pro
AudioBox P150 Pro
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       Special feature of the 'Pro' version:...more
Product information "AudioBox P150 Pro"

 Special feature of the 'Pro' version:


  1. Extension of the warranty from 2 to 4 years
  2. Access to premium support

    Premium Support enables the specialist partner to use the direct and fastest support for the purchased product. This means that questions, e.g. occur during the installation, can be solved by the specialist partner directly on the spot by phone with the developers of trivum. This often saves another appointment for solving a question or problem. The customer and the specialist partner save time and travel costs for further appointments.
    After the release of the customer, the Premium Support also includes the option of remote maintenance. This usually eliminates the need, in case of problems, for the specialist partner to be on site to solve problems / questions with the customer. This also saves on travel costs, but more importantly, even the customer does not have to coordinate an appointment with the specialist partner in these cases, nor should he be there himself.


Highend SoundSystem 

The AudioBox P150 Pro is an amplifier, streamer, Bluetooth receiver, DAB+/FM radio and central unit in one. Independent for 1 to 3 rooms or in combination with other trivum SoundSystems for up to 64 rooms.

  • Enormously flexible thanks to trivum t3OS operating system
  • Amplifier output with 2x150 Watt
  • additional 2 preamplifier outputs (for further rooms or e.g. subwoofer)
  • Streaming Client with HD Audio - 192kHz with 32Bit
  • Streams music from TuneIn, AirPlay, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Qobuz, NAS and Web URLs.
  • All 3 outputs can access 7 sources: 3xStreaming, DAB+/FM Radio, Bluetooth, Digital Input, Analog Input
  • 7 freely configurable keys can switch sources, play favourites or trigger macros or KNX
  • The AudioBox P150 Pro can be used alone for 1-3 zones. It can be combined with other trivum SoundSystems for up to 64 zones.
  • With 200mm x 60mm x 240mm (WxHxD) the AudioBox P150 Pro is very compact and finds its place everywhere.

Thanks to our intuitive app, the AudioBox P150 Pro is very easy to use - on smartphones as well as in a web browser or on trivum TouchPads. Thanks to the trivum t3OS operating system, the trivum SoundSystems are both simple and very flexible. It contains many additional functions that make the AudioBox P150 Pro a powerful central unit in any home. 

Highend Audio

The AudioBox P150 Pro has been conquently optimized for the best possible music reproduction. Our 15 years of experience in the audio sector have created a high-end sound system that meets all expectations. HD Audio with 192kHz/32 Bit and a digital power amplifier with 2x150 Watt output power. The power supply is oversized with up to 400 watts of power and shows how seriously we take the subject of high-end audio.

All components in the signal chain are consistently selected for the highest quality music reproduction. Thus the AudioBox P150 Pro meets the highest demands of our music lovers. The AudioBox P150 Pro turns your living room into a stage and your TV into a cinema.

Music Functions


Digital amplifier with 2x150 Watt power. 

Preamplifier analog output

2V RMS output with cinch sockets

Preamplifier output digital

The music is played back via TOSLINK with 48kHz and 16Bit as a separate zone or connected to the loudspeaker output.

Streaming Client

Three streaming clients play music from streaming services, AirPlay, Spotify Connect as well as streaming URLs and NAS (network shares).
Since 3 outputs (zones) are possible, different Internet radio stations can be listened to in each zone.

DAB+/FM Radio The built-in tuner has 30 presets and receives DAB+ and FM radio.
Digital input

TOSLINK optical input receives 48kHz and 16bit signals

Analog input

The Cinch input is high-impedance and processes music signals up to 2V RMS.

Streaming services Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Qobuz.
Multiaccount is possible, i.e. 3x Tidal with different accounts.
DSP (Digitaler Sound Prozessor) The AudioBox P150 Pro has powerful filters for each output: Bass, Treble, Balance, Loudness, Bass Enhance, Lowpass, Highpass, 5 parametric equalizers with preset function. More is simply not possible!

Numerous objects are available for control and query via KNX addresses. All trivum functions can be triggered by KNX telegrams and numerous information can be sent as telegrams.
Each trivum SoundSystem has a free KNX visualisation built in. This allows you to switch KNX objects easily and visually with the web browser (also smartphones).
Try it out here right now!


Group zones. Predefinable groups. 'All-Off' function (also via KNX). Extended zone control for e.g. garden and children's areas. Day and night rest times can be preset. Announcements. Ringing. Several alarms per zone.
And much more!

Apps Apps for iOS and Android are available free of charge. The trivum TouchPads support the SoundSystem and any web browser can immediately use the WebApp and via KNX any KNX system can control the SoundSystem via KNX/IP.


Further functions

KNX visualization 

The AudioBox P150 Pro provides free KNX visualisation for lighting, shading, macros, music and weather. It can be accessed from any web browser, including any smartphone.

Calendar The built-in calendar makes it possible to plan actions in advance on certain days: Dursagen, KNX telegrams, music or macro calls. 
RTI compatible

The AudioBox P150 Pro can be operated by any remote control or control solution from the manufacturer RTI. The trivum RTI driver provides everything you need.

Lutron compatible The AudioBox P150 Pro can be controlled from Lutron control panels.
HTTP/ XML API Many functions of the AudioBox P150 Pro are usable by developers through our open and well documented API. 
Remote maintenance The remote maintenance function can be switched off so that support staff can look directly at the SoundSystem and help very quickly with problems.
Simple configuration The configuration is done via web browser. You don't have to configure anything to put a trivum SoundSystem into operation. Plug it in, plug it in and then immediately listen to the Internet radio with the iPhone app. You can really configure a lot - but you don't have to!
Support Extensive help and documents in the configuration interface and under Or call +49 (0)711 64560710. We are here for you!


Live Demo

Do you want to see right now if everything is as described? Then try it right now with our demo systems, which we have at trivum in Stuttgart. It's a SC044 SoundSystem running the t3OS V9. It is the same operating system as an AudioBox P150 Pro. Or visit our Demo area!

  • Control the WebApp to control the music
  • Configure an real trivum SoundSystem
  • Control KNX with the WebControl App on a real trivum SoundSystemder WebControl App auf einem realen trivum SoundSystem


Example 1: Highend-Hifi in the living room


Beispiel 1 AudioBox 150

The AudioBox P150 Pro is high-end amplifier and source in one. Thanks to the 2x150 Watt output power, you can also connect really large and demanding loudspeakers. Connect your turntable analog via Cinch cable and you have all music sources in best quality: HD-Audio Streaming, turntable, Bluetooth as well as digital broadcasting with DAB+/FM Radio.

You will be thrilled. Of sound and also of design.


Example 2: Living room with TV and record player

Beispiel 2 AudioBox 150

The AudioBox P150 Pro is the audio centre in the living room together with the TV. Thanks to the 2x150 Watt output power, even really large and sophisticated loudspeakers can be connected. In the example the TV is connected to the AudioBox P150 Pro via TOSLink optically digital. And the turntable is connected analog via Cinch cable. In the living room you can choose between HD audio streaming, TV, turntable, Bluetooth and digital radio with DAB+/FM radio as music sources.

And because an active subwoofer is also located in the living room, it can also be connected to one of the two preamplifier outputs of the AudioBox P150 Pro. In the WebSetup of the AudioBox P150 Pro, the output is simply switched to subwoofer mode and then only passes on bass tones relevant to the subwoofer.

Simple. Powerful sound. Flexible. Beautiful.


Example 3: Living room with TV and kitchen with music

Beispiel 3 AudioBox 150

The AudioBox P150 Pro can simply do more: As a high-end audio system in the living room - AND at the same time you can also supply the kitchen with music and TV sound. Thanks to the 2x150 Watt output power, even really large and sophisticated loudspeakers can be connected. In the example, the TV is digitally connected to the AudioBox P150 Pro via TOSLink. And the turntable is connected analog by Cinch cable. In the living room - and independently in the kitchen - you can choose between streaming, TV, turntable, Bluetooth and DAB+/FM radio as music sources.

Because there are two rooms, you can of course group the rooms together, i.e. listen to the same music. Be it at a party or at football.

High-end audio and multiroom in one device: the AudioBox P150 Pro

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Zonen Erweiterbar auf bis zu 64 Zonen Quellen Streaming DAB+/FM Tuner Bluetooth...
Product Information "Technische Daten"
Zonen Erweiterbar auf bis zu 64 Zonen
Quellen Streaming
DAB+/FM Tuner
Line Input analog
Line Input digital
Streaming bis zu 192kHz 32Bit
Radio DAB+/FM Tuner 
Musikformate  MP3, AAC, FLAC, M4A, WMA, ALAC
Anschlüsse 1x Netzwerk (RJ45 Buchse)
1x USB (für Service)
1x Lautsprecher Stereo (2x 2-polige Lautsprecherklemme)
1x Line Output Stereo (2x Cinch Buchsen)
1x Line Input Stereo (2x Cinch Buchsen)
1x Line Input digital (1x TOSLink Buchse)
1x Line Output digital (1x TOSLink Buchse)
1x DAB+/FM Antenne (F-Buchse)
1x WLAN/Bluetooth Antenne (SMA Buchse)
1x Power
Netzwerk LAN (RJ45 Ethernet)
WLAN (Wifi)
Verstärker Klasse D, 2x 150W @ 4 Ohm
Stromversorgung 100-240V (max. 400 Watt)
Gehäuse Aluminium gebürstet
Farbe Silber
Abmessungen 200 x 200 x 68 mm
Gewicht 2400 g
Liéferumfang 1x trivum AudioBox P150 Pro
1x BT/WLan Antenne
1x Adapter für Radioantenne(F-Stecker)
1x Stromkabel
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